2022 Election Information

General Primary/Special Election on May 24, 2022.

As this is a political party primary, voters will need to select a ballot for either the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. Georgia is NOT a political party - affiliation state, thus voters are free to choose whichever ballot style (Democrat or Republican) they desire.  (This is known as Open Primaries) 

However, whether voting in Person (Advance in Person or Election Day) or by mail, each voter will need to declare which ballot style they intend to vote.

Each party’s ballot will also include the tSPLOST referendum (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, a 1 cent sales and use tax for roads and bridges throughout the county as well as the 5 cities)

There are three options for casting your ballot in Georgia elections: Advanced Voting In-Person, Absentee Voting by Mail and In-Person Voting on Election Day.  The information is the same for Local, State and Federal elections.  If you are unable to find the answer you need on the website, contact the Greene County Elections Office and someone will be happy to assist you.