Runoff Election Information

There will be a political primary runoff for each party with the following offices 


U.S. House (Federal)        

Runoff between Tabitha Johnson-Green and Jessica Allison Fore

Lt Governor            

Runoff between Kwanza Hall and Charlie Bailey

Secretary of State       

Runoff between Bee Nguyen and Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Commissioner of Insurance    

Runoff between Janice Laws Robinson and Raphael Baker

Commissioner of Labor        

Runoff for William Boddie, Jr and Nicole Horn


U.S. House (Federal)        

Runoff between Vernon J. Jones and Mike Collins


  1. As this is a political party primary runoff, voters who selected either a Democrat or Republican ballot in the General Primary and who choose to vote in the runoff, MUST SELECT THE SAME PARTY as was voted in the Primary.
  2. If a voter selected a Non-Partisan ballot in the Primary, they may select the ballot of EITHER party in the Runoff Election.
  3. Any FIRST TIME voter, who registered to vote in Greene County between the dates of April 25, 2022 and May 23,2022 may vote in the Primary runoff, but will ONLY be eligible for the FEDERAL RACE (U.S. Congressional District 10)