Excess Funds

Obtaining an Official Public Copy

If you require the official public copy of each of the year's tax deed sales, those records are maintained by the Clerk of Superior Court's office. To obtain copies of or inspect those records you will need to contact the office directly at 706-453-3340.

How are Excess Funds Created?

Excess Funds are created when a property's Tax Deed is sold by local officials for unpaid taxes. If the winning bid amount is greater than the amount of taxes due, an excess of funds is created.

Who Can Claim The Excess Funds?

Per Georgia Statute; §48-4-5. Payment of excess 

(a) If there are any excess funds after paying taxes, costs, and all expenses of a sale made by the tax commissioner, tax collector, or sheriff, or other officer holding excess funds, the officer selling the property shall give written notice of such excess funds to the record owner of the property at the time of the tax sale and to the record owner of each security deed affecting the property and to all other parties having any recorded equity interest or claim in such property at the time of the tax sale. Such notice shall be sent by first-class mail within 30 days after the tax sale. The notice shall contain a description of the land sold, the date sold, the name and address of the tax sale purchaser, the total sale price, and the amount of excess funds collected and held by the tax commissioner, tax collector, sheriff, or other officer. The notice shall state that the excess funds are available for distribution to the owner or owners as their interests appear in the order of priority in which their interests exist. 

Payment of Excess Funds is only made to the record owner of the property at time of tax sale or other parties having a lien holder interest in the property at the time of tax sale. 

We do not recognize a legal relationship of "representation" with an Asset Recovery Firm or an Individual with a Power of Attorney and cannot release information regarding your case to them. 

Excess checks are made payable only to record owner(s) or lien holders.

What Information is Needed to Process My Claim? 

We need all pertinent information: 

  • Your name
  • Address of the property & parcel number
  • Date of the tax sale
  • A clear statement of WHY you are entitled to the funds. 

Download and complete the Excess Funds Request Form and return it to the address at the top of the form. 

You do NOT have to pay an Asset Recovery Firm to Claim Your Excess Funds.

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