Checklist of Items Needed

The following information must be submitted before a permit can be issued:

Download the checklist (PDF).

  1. Submit a completed Sign Permit Application (PDF).
  2. Two sets of plans and drawings containing construction and installation details showing:
    1. Size of sign
    2. Sign material
    3. Sign color
    4. Size of support members
    5. How sign fastened to support members
    6. Depth of support member into the ground
    7. Other structural braces
    8. Height above grade (ground)
  3. Two sets of site plans showing what’s existing on the lot (buildings, easements, existing signs, etc.), the property lines, right-of-way, sidewalks, parking spaces, driveways, where the sign is to be located, and the distance to other structures and streets.
  4. Two in-color, dimensioned elevation to include total square footage and finished height. (Drawn to scale)
  5. All freestanding or project signs, structural calculations shall be provided showing that the sign structure will withstand all applicable wind pressures.
  6. Wall signs must include dimensioned building façade and elevations showing the exact location of proposed fascia signs.
  7. The designated area of message and message configuration.
  8. If illuminated, provide documentation of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed apparatus.
  9. Indicate whether illumination is Internal or External.
  10. Copy of current State and local business license for builder and electrician.
  11. Completed subcontractor form.
  12. Unless it is a real estate sign, if the sign is not located on your property, the parcel owner must provide a signed and notarized letter giving permission for the sign to be installed.